Biogas – Technology of tomorrow

Out of nature, all for nature. Production and use of biogas are all based on the thought of gaining renewable energy from energy crops, economic fertilizers or bio-waste. This way, energy is generated from the natural circle. Environmentally friendly, sustainable and with tomorrow’s world at sight.

NAHTEC – a holistic partner

Just like a shift in energy supply can only be achieved wholesomely and over the course of various phases, NAHTEC sees its role as an integrated project partner. This means, we accompany and support you in all phases of your biogas project – Beginning at planning, towards construction, post-processing and support.

Our competences

  • Agricultural biogas facilities
  • Co-Fermentation facilities
  • Biomethane facilities
  • Biogas plant facilities with leftovers, bio-waste or municipal waste

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Sustainable cycle of a biogas plant