Corporate Philosophy

Creating a sustainable future energy supply – regionally and internationally.

Providing and using sustainable energy begins with every single person in their respective region.

Our vision is defined by creating regional revenue via ecologically sustained energy and creating jobs as well as added value on location. We see our goal just as well in contributing to a global energy transition by creating a both regional and international network of facilities. Every country, every region and every human being is special in their own way. This is why NAHTEC is committed to finding individual solutions instead of following a „one size fits all“-like concept. It is individual support and consultation that allows every customer to reach maximised efficiency. This is why we also offer support in single components and not only in whole facilities or plants. Genuinity, regionality and individuality are the core values that drive us further day by day.

Innovation and creativity

Innovation is what happens when creativity and professional knowledge can act freely and find their way. NAHTEC takes great pride in playing a leading role in igniting a global energy transition. It’s the desire for a new, innovative and environmentally friendly energy supply that drives us every day and pushes us to peak performance in our field.


NAHTEC is proudly looking back at decades of experience in the field of energy production from biogas and biomass. This rich treasure of experience gained over the course of years and years allows us to find solutions for every problem and also what made us what we are today: A leading power in sustainable energy.


We stand by our word. No hidden costs or nasty surprises of any other kind. NAHTEC stands for transparancy, reliability and clearness. In our eyes, you are our partner for long-term co-operation and not just a once in a lifetime customer.

Partnership through every phase

Our support for your project doesn’t end at the planning and building of your facility. NAHTEC helps your idea grow and flourish, by being on your side from the basic concept, the financing, setting up and post-processing.