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Welcome to NAHTEC – one of the world’s leading companies in the field of environmentally friendly energy production from biogas and biomass. You can learn more about us on these following pages.


News about NAHTEC

Completion of assembly works for biogas storage tanks and agitators at Białobrzegi biogas plant (Poland)

The assembly works for biogas plant Białobrzegi (Poland) are in progress. We have successfully completed the stage of assembly of the biogas storage tanks and agitators. We have started the welding of the heating system inside the fermenter. We look forward to further cooperation on the successful realization of this project!

Bialobrzegi gas storages

Biogas plant Turgutlu (TR) – commissioning in autumn 2021

Biogas plant in Turgutlu has an electrical output of 3,002 kWel. We were able to complete our scope of delivery and services from detailed planning to the entire biogas technology in autumn 2021.

Extension of Bor (TR) biogas plant – cold test successfully completed

We were able to successfully complete the cold test for the extension of Bor biogas plant. The system is now being prepared for the commissioning.


Biogas plant Bialobrzegi (PL) – final steps for constructions phase

he construction phase of the biogas plant in Białobrzegi (499 kWel) in cooperation with Grass-Hopper is coming to an end. This means that installation of the biotechnology systems will soon begin and we’re looking forward to further work with the Investor within this project.


Visit us at CLIMATHERM ENERGY in Athen from 25.02.-27.02.2022! Meet us at our stand from ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Hall 3, corridor A, stand 19. We are looking forward to meet you personally!

Sabanözü acceptance test

Succesfull acceptance test of CHP-unit at Sabanözü biogas plant

At 06.01.2022 we have the successfully acceptance test of 2nd CHP-unit at our biogas project in Sabanözü, Turkey. We are glad that this project was realized without any complications and a good cooperation with our customer and sub suppliers!

Finished cold test carried at Bor (TR) biogas plant!

After hard work and good cooperation with our sub-suppliers and also our client Flas Bor Bio Enerji, we were able to carry out the cold test on the system in record time! We look forward to the good cooperation!

Cold test Bor
Logo_NAHTEC_ Ländersubline_Poland Adress

Our NAHTEC family has grown!

We can proudly report that there is now also an establishment in Poland:
NAHTEC sp. z o.o.

Sustainability certificate award

NAHTEC GmbH received an award from the Energieforum Kärnten. The model company recently received the EFK certificate, an award from Energieforum Kärnten, which only sustainable companies and their products can receive.

Biogas plant Güney-Turkey 1

GÜNEY BIYOGAZ-The plant is filled and heated  up and works now in normal operation!

We are very happy, that our customer GÜNEY BIYOGAZ has filled and heated up the plant and it is not in normal operation modus now.

The biogas plant is operated with 100% home-grown sugar sorghum and produces 3,12 MWel.

MUTLULAR GÖNEN ENERJI – Successful “government acceptance test” for Gönen (TR) biogas plant

We congratulate our partner MUTLULAR GÖNEN ENERJI and are very happy that we successfully passed the government acceptance test in Gönen at the end of October.

The biogas plant is operated with cattle-, chicken dung and energy herb.  After the successful completion of line A, the plant will produce 6,24 MWel. Another line is planned for next year, which should bring a further 4,68 MWel. After the last expansion stage, the plant should has a size of 10,92 MWel.

Gönen government acceptance test
Efeler group - government acceptance test

Efeler group – Successful “government acceptance test” for the Akyurt and Cubuk (TR) plants

We congratulate our partner, Efeler Group, and are very happy that we successfully passed the government acceptance test in Cubuk and Akyurt at the end of October. We hope that we will be able to get the maximum operating hours out of these systems together with our customers over the next 10 years.

Both plants are operated with chicken and cattle manure. They each produce 3.12 MWel.

With these two plants we have meanwhile successfully put 5 reference plants with total 23.7 MWel into operation in Turkey and hope that many more will follow.

BGA Sremska Mitrovica (RS) – gas storage assembling is finished!

The gas storage assembling was finished this week. Congratulations to all who had worked to finished this big step despite the bad weather conditions!


Gas storages SM Energy 3
Spreca - assembling is going on

Biogas plants Spreca 1-4 (BiH) – Assembling works are making good progress despite bad weather conditions

Despite bad weahter conditions the mechanical and electrical assembling team making good progresses. They are working inside the plants now and as soon weather will be better, they will finish der outside works.

This week the CHP-units for Spreca 1 and Spreca 2 will be delivered!


Biogas plants Basaid and Melenci (RS) – CHP-units are arrived!



CHP Basaid

Biogas plants Slawoborze (PL) – producing of first biogas!

Finally, we can announce that the construction of Slawoborze (Poland) biogas plant has been completed and the plant is already producing its first biogas.

We are looking forward to another successful implementation of a biogas plant in Poland!


Career day @Bulme Graz Gösting 2020!

We were impressed by the positive and interested students in our company group.

We are looking forward for further contact to the students!

Carrer day @ Bulme Graz Gösting
Fermenter with concrete dome roof - Gönen - Turkey

Project Gönen, Turkey – our first fermenter with concrete dome roof!

At our biogas plant Project in Gönen (Turkey) we are currently building our first fermenter with a concrete dome roof.

This roof form is manufactured with special formwork systems.

Due to the well-thought-out static dissipation of the support forces, there is no center column, since everything is supported by the outer walls.

This has several advantages over a system with center support such as:
– more volume available for the residence time
– substrate can be better homogenized
– concrete -, formwork – and coating works of the center column are not necessary anymore.


Project Pisarovina (1,2 MWel) in Croatia – Cold test successfully completed

At the Pisarovina biogas plant in Croatia, the cold test of the plant was successfully completed at the beginning of January.

Now the customer begins to fill the system. We are happy that we have completed a project in Croatia soon!

BGA Pisarovina

That was the RENEXPO BiH 2019 on 23. und 24. October in Sarajevo

We were able to forge many new contacts and are looking forward to getting in contact with the interested parties!

Thanks for your visit!


Review Energetika Belgrade, 02.-04. October 19: Many new contacts and networking!

Our two employees were able to make many new contacts at the Energetika Belgrade 2019 in Belgrade! Existing customers and interested parties also visited us for a personal conversation!

Thanks for your visit!

Energetica Belgrad 2019